Why Choose Us

  • Ventspils Free Port authority provides favourable conditions for entrepreneurship and modern infrastructure
  • Ventspils has a deep-sea port, which is ice-free all year round
  • Corporate and Real Estate Tax are decreased for 80% until return of 50% from overall amount of investment
  • Ability to handle all deep-sea vessels coming into the Baltic Sea, guarantee advantages for optimisation of costs

What We Do

Multi-purpose cargo handling centre
Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals (NNVT), multi-purpose cargo handling centre; the most modern terminal for handling of general cargoes, containers and Ro-Ro cargoes in the Baltic region.
High level productivity services
Infrastructure allows to handle wide spectrum of cargoes
Ferry lines from Ventspils


Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals

Plosta Street 7, Ventspils, LV-3600, Latvia
Phone: +371 6 3607300
Fax: +371 6 3607301
E-mail: nnvt@nnvt.lv
Reg.Number: 40003410343

Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals Information center

Sarkanmuižas dambis 25c, Ventspils, LV-3601
Mobile phone: +371 26623379
Phone: +371 63607372
Fax: +371 63607381
E-mail: cargoinfo@nnvt.lv